Fanfare 10.09.2019 A Critical Distance: An Interview with Composer Klaus Martin Kopitz BY JACQUELINE KHAROUF German composer and musicologist Klaus Martin Kopitz sometimes employs the use of a character in order to access a younger version of himself. Where some artists might use this exercise to prepare for a roleContinue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2019 This is the most moving new album I’ve heard in some time. The composer states that the music is a tribute to authors and filmmakers who broke down the barriers between dreams and reality. Each of the 15 pieces is meant to evoke the state of dreaming. TheContinue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2019 Previously, I have spoken of the “musical plurality” of Mia Brentano’s music, in refer- ence to her album Hidden Sea (see Fanfare 42:1). In the same issue, my colleague Jacquel- ine Kharouf came to similar conclusions: “With combined elements of jazz, classical, and Minimalist compositional styles, the musicContinue Reading