Mia Brentano – Hidden Sea In den USA auf der Jahresbestenliste des Klassikmagazins „Fanfare“ „Perhaps the most titillating CD I’ve come across in a long time… Music of wondrous clarity and melodiousness“ Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine „A new form of music. That sounds improvised but is, in fact, completely scored.“ Jacqueline Kharouf,Continue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2018 Fanfare: The Magazine for Serious Record Collectors Volume 42, Number 1 • September/October 2018, p. 84–90 Speaking Its Own Language: An Interview with Klaus Martin Kopitz on Mia Brentano’s Hidden Sea BY JACQUELINE KHAROUF As an album, Mia Brentano’s Hidden Sea speaks to the memories, ideas, and imaginationContinue Reading

Boulevard RONDO. Das Klassik & Jazz Magazin 3/2018, S. 62 Ein Schuss Jazz, eine Prise Film, ein Löffel Leichtigkeit: Bunte Klassik Vorgestellt von OLIVER BUSLAU […] Kopitz’ andere Seite Dass Musikwissenschaftler einfallsreich komponieren können, ist so selbstverständlich nicht. Klaus Martin Kopitz bildet eine rühmliche Ausnahme: Neben Forschungen etwa zur Beethoven-BiografikContinue Reading

La Scena Musicale Volume 23-7, June/July/August 2018, p. 84 The identity of the composer of these 20 songs for 2 pianos is quite mysterious. We know very little about Mia Brentano, except her music which is now accessible to us by this first album. We hear influences of pop, filmContinue Reading

theartsdesk.com Saturday, 19 January 2019 Classical CDs Weekly: Mia Brentano, Wim Henderickx, Saint-Saëns Flemish and German contemporary music, plus three French piano concertos by Graham Rickson […] Hiddensee is a car-free German island in the Baltic Sea. It’s mentioned as one possible inspiration for the pieces on this beguiling disc;Continue Reading

Diese Songs aus der Feder einer gewissen Mia Brentano haben schon jetzt einen Bekanntheitsgrad erzielt, von dem die meisten zeitge- nössischen Komponisten nur träu- men können. Das liegt nicht zuletzt am cleveren Marketingkonzept. Denn die Stücke wurden gleich nach Veröffentlichung der Noten-Edition vom Klavierduo Benyamin Nuss & Max Nyberg eingespieltContinue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2019 A Critical Distance: An Interview with Composer Klaus Martin Kopitz BY JACQUELINE KHAROUF German composer and musicologist Klaus Martin Kopitz sometimes employs the use of a character in order to access a younger version of himself. Where some artists might use this exercise to prepare for a roleContinue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2019 This is the most moving new album I’ve heard in some time. The composer states that the music is a tribute to authors and filmmakers who broke down the barriers between dreams and reality. Each of the 15 pieces is meant to evoke the state of dreaming. TheContinue Reading

Fanfare 10.09.2019 Previously, I have spoken of the “musical plurality” of Mia Brentano’s music, in refer- ence to her album Hidden Sea (see Fanfare 42:1). In the same issue, my colleague Jacquel- ine Kharouf came to similar conclusions: “With combined elements of jazz, classical, and Minimalist compositional styles, the musicContinue Reading